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Jesus(pbuh) Prophet of Creator & Sustainer of Universe & Life  

Jesus son of mary

Jesus son of mary

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Above is Chapter in Holy Quran - Named Mary - Maryam

Who is Jesus Issa (PBUH) in Islam?

All the prophets & messengers were Muslim, Jesus (PBUH) was also Muslim. He was the son of Mary not the son of God. Prophet Jesus (PBUH) virgin birth was a miracle and is part of the Muslim's faith.  The follower of all the prophets and messengers were Muslim, the name Christine or jews was given by the people not from their Lord, Allah (SWT).

Each person is responsible for his deeds on the Day of Judgement. The mission of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) was the same that of all previous messengers and prophets, that worship one God, Who is the creator and sustainer of the Universe and life, only deity worthy of praise and gratitude.

Prophet Jesus(PBUH) will come back to earth this is part of the Muslim faith.

What is the Prophet Muhammad’s relationship with Jesus (PBUH)?

The Prophet Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him, was born in Mecca, and is the last prophet from the Lord of Jesus (PBUH), Moses (PBUH), Abraham (PBUH)..Noah (PBUH). All the prophets were Muslim and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was Muslim too.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is not the founder of Islam neither he brought any new Religion.


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) message was the same as that of all previous prophets and messengers that Worship one God, Who creator of heavens and universe. He is Most High, Ower of Majesty & Honor, one and only one, nothing resembles Him. 

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