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Heaven & Universe's Creation & its Steady Expansion by the God

Praises to the Creator & Sustainer of Universe and Life, Omnipotent King, All Blessed, Most High, the Owner of Majesty & Honour:  Lord of Adam(PBUH), Noah(PBUH), Issac(PBUH), Joseph(PBUH), Jacob(PBUH), David(PBUH) Moses(PBUH), Mary(PBUH), Jesus (PBUH), Muhammed(PBUH) the last prophet in the chain of Prophethood.

Lord of: Moses, Jesus, Muhammed(pbuh)

Lord of: Moses, Jesus, Muhammed(pbuh)

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“Only through Prophets & Messengers sent by our Lord (Allah swt). Mankind will know Who Originated the heavens & universe, life and to whom should mankind worship.”

— All  were Muslim

الْبَدِيعُ: AL-BADEE’ - The Incomparable Originator

Al-Badee’ mean unique Originator. He is the One whose incomparable power originates, invents and brings into existence all of the unique creation without following any prior model or unlike any similarity to anything that ever existed.

لْمُصَوِّرُ: AL-MUSAWWIR’ - The Fashioner

Al-Musawwir: The One who is the Fashioner and Former of each and every thing in all of creation. It is the One who has given everything in creation a special inclination of desire and a special form and a special manner whereby it is.

الْبَارِئُ : AL-BAARI’ -  Originator

The One who is the Originator of everything. He is the Creator and The One who gives distinguished characteristics to all of His Creation. Al-Bari’ knows His creation best.