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Creation of Man - With Diverse Qualities 

The man is distinguished from the other creatures in appearance and shape. Distinguished with strength, desire, and will.  That man is and an indivisible composite of soul, mind, and body. 

Allah (SWT) has urged His servant to reflect upon Him, one will indeed be led to learn about Allah (SWT), about His attributes of power of creation & perfection, Oneness.  

Stages of the Creation of Man 

The last Book revealed to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), around 1400 years ago, mention in many verses the human's  life creation: 

  • Clay commingled with water!

  • Create a human being out of clay.

  • Created man out of sounding clay, like pottery.

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Man in Best Stature 

Have a second look now at yourself and consider the judgment of Gentle, the Knower, Who when He created the body, specified eery organ its position and assigned its function. See the stores which He designed to whether the waste materials and hold it so it does not stay in the body and spoil the rest of the organs.  

Consider the wisdom of your development and the abundance of your parts, without any looseness or disharmony'. Lord Almighty develops the child's body and its external and internal organs and its parts, preserving all its appearance and shape. Even more, telling is the shaping of the embryo in the womb, where no eyes see its, and no hand touch it and no machines handle it.  When emerges he is a normal human being, with all requisites for his survival and progress in life: organs,  senses, internal mechanisms, limbs, vessels, nerves, ligaments, membranes, and bones; all of the various sizes, shapes, functions, and positions; the flesh, fat, and brain with their intricate structure and subtle creation, revealing unfathomable judgment and splendid craftsmanship, It is al developed by the Best Creator from a drop of almost worthless liquid.      

The Meaning of Nature  

By reconsidering the word nature in this context, you will be led directly to the Creator, the Originator, as the common mind understands the word. That is because this word 'nature' means that something was made by someone to behave according to a preset plan, and there is no other meaning at all. 

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