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  • Was Islam introduced by Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) 1400 years ago?
    This is not correct. Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) was the last Prophet/Messenger of Creator and Sustainer of Heavens, in the chain of Prophethood. Prophet Mohammed(pbuh), brought the same massage that of: Abraham(pbuh), Noah(pbuh), Moses(pbuh), Jesus(pbuh). All the Prophets/Messengers were Muslim, which means who submits to will of God, Allah(swt). Followers of all the Prophets were Muslim that time.
  • What is believe of Muslims?
    Muslim is religion of worshiping on God (Allah swt): the Lord of Abraham(pbuh), Moses(pbuh), ...Jesus (pbuh). Muslim believe in: - One God (noting equal/like Him), Who originated the Heavens/Universe, earth, life... sustainer after its creation. Who is expanding the Universe. - All the previous scriptures / Books (Torah, Bible) and Holy Quran is the last Book revealed to Prophet Mohammed(pbuh). - Holy Quran is last the Book revealed via Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) - Jesus(pbuh) is beloved Prophet of Allah(swt) and is not son of Allah(swt). - Muslim believe in virgin berth of Jesus(pbuh) and son of Marry(pbuh). - Believe that Jesus(pbuh) was not killed, and will come back to the world.
  • Who was Isa - Jesus (pbuh), was he son of God?"
    Prophet Jesus was son of Marry, and Prophet of our Lord Allah(swt). He was Messenger/Prophet of our Lord not the son.
  • What is purpose of our life. Why are we created and born?
    Our Lord, Allah(swt) has created us to workship Him. We should not worship any other diety beside Him. We should make partner of any kind/shape to Him. Associating Partners with Allah(swt) is biggest sin and punishment from Allah9swt) is forever in Hell Fire, unless become Muslim and repent, before see death Angels.
  • Who is God - Our Creator
    The true God is Allah(swt), Who is the Planner, Originator, Creator, Managing, Sustaining the Universe and Life. He gives Life, He gives death. The one Who creates out of nothing. Creates by its Own, without any copy of previous example. Man creates based on knowledege given by Allah(swt). Man cannot change rules set by Allah(swt). e.g. Water Boils at 100 deg. c, man cannot change the boiling point of water. Man uses the laws of Allah(swt).
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