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To answer the question, Who is Universe & Life's Originator, Creator and Sustainer and why the Mankind was created and what is the purpose of their life?. 

There are many ideologies, religions, ideas, thoughts on captioned subject:  who is the true God, how to find true God, to whom someone to worship, what is true believe & religion, way of life accepted by our Creator, which is right path & attitude for orgiveness by God, way to paradise & to avoid hell fire? The purpose of this site is to guide briefly on the captioned subject as follows:

The Originator of heavens & life created us for a purpose, that is only to worship Him alone and pass the test while we are in this world.​ How mankind will know about our true God (Allah(swt)), that will be only through authorised persons: God sent many Messengers, Prophets, and some of them was given/revealed Devine Books (...Torah, Bible & Holy Quran). Out of all the Devine Books last Book is the Holy Quran which is final 100% protected since it was revealed 1400 years ago, and other books are superceeded after Holy Quran relevation to Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). The Lord of Abraham(pbuh) Moses(pbuh), Jesus(pbuh), Mohammed(pbuh) is same Allah (swt), Who is the originator and sustainer of universe & life in all forms. Followers of all the Prophets and Messengers that time were Muslim (not the Jews, Christians, such names were given by people at their own, Lord calls them Muslims). Muslim mean who submits to the will of Lord (Allah swt) of Universe, Sun, Moon, etc..

We need to ponder over he beauty and perfection of Allah's creations, and think purpose why I was born and what is purpose of my life, is the purpose only: to go to school, become doctor/engineer, businessman, make money, marry, enjoy life and die one day, without serving the purpose why I was born? 

Refer Holy Quran the last Book, Allah (swt) has given us intellact and choice to select wrong or right path in this world, result of such selection, we to find after death. Allah (swt) signs are spread all over: in our bodies design, earth, days and nights, universe, gravity, perfection of atoms/materials which allows computer to work, countless signs around us, which we need to think who is worthy of praise, gratutide and worship.  

Most elite thing is the Faith: type of Faith will take a person to either Paradise or Hell Fire for billions, billions of years, and no end of such punishment. Real success is not only becoming billioner, president of a country, etc., real winner is the one our Lord Allah (swt) saved him (after death - day of judgement) from the penalty of hell fire and rewarded with paradise.



Please study and verify your faith in light of Holy Quran and Teachings of last Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and decide, such decision is of paramount importance where were are in world & life. Do not delay someone can die any time. Logic is simple worship the Lord of heavens and Who Created me, not to works His Creatures (who them selve have been created), please study the Last Scripture - can Download below:


His Authorised

His Prophets & Messengers are the only persons our Lord sent the guidance for mankind.

Worship Whom

Worship only the Lord of Universe,  no partners to Him. Do not worship His Creations.

Become Good

Become a person: good, honest, give charity to needy and poors, no corrcuption, be fair...


IF you have  faith as per Holy Quran, do good deeds, you will be given Paradise & forever life.

What to Do

Do honest search. Study all Religions, Books..Torah. Bible, Quran and decide your fate.

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