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Who is the God of the Universe, His Signs  

Mankind and the Universe 


Designed, Perfected & Expanding the Universe

Desiged & Gave Blessings

Complex Chemicals

Observing the Signs of our True God Creator 

Our God creator of Heavens & Universe has blessed mankind with:

  • Intellect, knowledge, understanding, eloquence, and speech.

  • Privileged with two means of expression, oral and written.  

  • Endowed by God with the power of acquiring knowledge by several means.

  • Distinguished with certain motives and impulses that serve to accomplish what is good for man.

  • The man distinguished with strength, desire, and will. 

  • Distinguished from the other creatures in appearance and shape.

That man is an indivisible whole: composite of soul, mind, and body.

 That mankind was not created without a purpose. Here we put forth some techniques of thinking, observing with an open heart about signs of our true and living God Almighty, His creations in both the universe in general and in human sphere in particular,  with the view of better appreciating our true God's glory and comprehending His great power and wisdom.


  • Signs of His Creations, which are spread all over including our body.

  • The creation of the universe, its perfection, fine-tuning & harmony.

  • Moving planets & stars. The wonders of variation in the star movements.

  • The solar system (video), sun, moon, and earth protected/shielded by God for life to thrive.

  • The Earth tilt and different seasons on earth. The light of the sun reflected on the moon. The rising and setting of the sun and the moon. The day and night.

  • Creation of Earth, its mountains, water flowing in rivers.

  • Several types of shields (magnetic, ozone) provided by Allah (SWT) around the earth. 

  • Variety of fruits and vegetation on earth.

  • Ships floating and speeding in the sea.

  • Creation of life from water and in pairs.​ Countless forms of life, living creatures, visible and non-visible, each its own unique design. Creations of Animals living in communities designed by God for each specie. 

  • Others

Reflect on the wisdom of Creation and wisdom of  His commandments, Who is the Creator God

Reflect on the wisdom of Almighty Allah (SWT) in His creation and commandments, in what He created and in what He decreed; and you will discover in all that a great source of wisdom that speaks of a foolproof system that never fails, nor does it have any loophole, 

Ponder over signs & Recognise our Creator, The true & ever-living God AlMighty 

Human is different from other creations and given conscience, faculty of thinking which distinguishes human beings superior from all other living creations. By observing the amazing creations spread all around us, someone should remind how supreme is our God Al-Mighty, Who is most high and has power over everything, worthy of praise, gratitude & worshipping Him, in a way He required. 


Though the human is given special intellectual capabilities and knowledge. However, the human being is not able to change or make new or change laws, if the water boils at 100 deg. C, such laws man cannot change or invent new laws.  We make new inventions using: knowledge given by God and the laws set by God.


The human body design is thousands & thousands of years old and still, latest, The foods are since ancient times but are still the latest and meet human body needs when used in the proper way. 

The faith and knowing the correct purpose of life is the most important and elite thing since this will decide punishment or reward by the Lord after death. Here it is intended to guide the reader towards finding true God Who truly lives and eternal, and Faith which is approved and ordained by the creator of the universe, earth, and all beings. The man was not created without a purpose.


Reflect then on the orbiting bodies, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the constellations: think how they spin around incessantly until the end of time, controlled by the exact system: think of the consequences of all this, the difference of day and night, the seasons, and the heat and cold; what benefits all that realizes for animals and the plants in the earth.  

The man was not created without a purpose, our true creature Allah (SWT) commandments are to be permanently observed until the day man meets His Lord.  Worship Him alone, no other Dielty is worthy of worship.  If a man dies on the religion different than approved by the Creator of the Universe, he will face the penalty of Hell-Fire for God.  it is through reflection on these facts that He willed His servants to know Him, and it is for this reason that He exhorted them to reflect upon his signs. We can't see Him in this world but recognize Him from the signs around us. Below are some SLIDES, please click the button to start slide show. 

Below is from last Holy Book (after Bilde), Our God almighty:

"We will show them Our signs in the universe, and in their own selves until it becomes manifest to them that this (Qur'an) is the truth. Is it not sufficient in regard to your Lord that He is Witness over all things": (Al Quran Fussilat 41:53)

"Just as there are signs within your own selves: can you not, then see?" (Al Quran 51:21)

"Let man, then observe from what he has been created." (Al Quran 86:5)

The way to thinking and reflection - focusing the mind for that purpose  

Power of

Human Brain

Mysteries of the human  

How Power is Human Brain

Human Brain &

Super Computer

Scientists Compared Our

Brain with a Supercomputer

The Perfection 

& Fine Tuning of Universe

Universe Fine-Tuned

for Life and Mind

Protection for

Life to strive on Earth

Earth's Magnetic


God the Creator is the Light

The God Who send down the 

Holy: Torah, Bible and Quran.

What is Required 

by Creator

He Created mankind to Worship alone.

This is our purpose of Life

The Last Book 

from Creator

The Holy Quran is Last

Book after Holy: Torah & Bible

27 Undeniable Miracles of Quran, the Book from the Creator of Universe & Life. The last book after Torah & Bible.

Study the Book

The Book from the God, Who Created, 

each & every thing. Please study before 

its too late.

Who Built the Universe Alone

Who is Steadily Expanding it



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